Types of security alarm systems

Types of security alarm systems

That is why we offer you a choice between wire and wireless security systems.

 Both types fulfil their main function: when an intrusion of the object triggers the system, a signal arrives at the central security station with detailed information about which sensor itself has been triggered (broken window, open window, door or garage gate, room sensor of movement) and from which side of the house, which allows the visiting team to deal with the intruders for up to 10 minutes, leaving no chance for escape.
By selecting the top option, you are provided with a reliable and durable equipment requiring no maintenance, with a clear signal from any distance. However, dependence on the electric network makes it more complicated in the installation, as it requires the installation of the wire cable in the most correct position, which does not always fit into the room interior.
For objects with already completed repairs, we offer an indisputable alternative: wireless signalling, which takes a leading position among customers, because it has a significant number of advantages: reliability, comfortable to install (sensors are fixed fast without any changes in the interior and there is the possibility of re-installation), mobility and energy supply independence, but which, however, insignificantly increases the cost of installing it.

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